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SAD NEWS: We have received news of the passing of our friend and classmate Mike Toon. He passed away in the early hours of February 5, 2013. Our thoughts are with his family.




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December additions: Chapter 31 of the the Cougar Scrapbook, plus Christmas memories throughout. Enjoy!

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October: New photos in the Front Page Features, Dallas Back in the Day and Miscellaneous Memories. A new chapter in The Cougar Scrapbook all about The Big D Jamboree. Plus more...have fun.


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The Studio Club, sixth grade dance pictures, Reinhardt, KLIF vs KBOX, Miss Inez, Charco’s, The Dallas Eagles, Candy Barr, Kip’s, The Casa Linda Theater, The Shy-Annes, The Buckner Drive In, Jack and Jill Lanes, Hexter, White Rock Staking Rink, Kiest Elementary, Broadway Skateland, Casa View School, Slam Bang Theater, The Cry Room, Victory Dances, Officer Friendly, The Brockles’ Special Dressing Recipe, The Gator, Hill vs Gaston, The Comet Rollercoaster, The Lassies, Skillern’s Drugs, first grade class photos, The Truett Tigers, Cox Cemetery, Shakey’s Pizza, Kenny and the Kasuals, The Cothurnus Club, The Prince of Hamburgers, The Dallasan Record Store, The Cellar, Charlie and Harrigan, Wrigleys Supermarket, Green lunchroom burger recipe, Miss White Rock – 1966, Cap’n Swabby, The Casa View Drive In,  Spirit Ribbons, Mickey and Amanda,  The Chessmen, The Hilltopper, The Signal, The Cougar Chronicle, The Weird Beard, Big Shakes, Gingham Girl Studios, Youngblood’s, Sump’n Else, The Motley Mansion, DreamAires, Alex Sanger, field day ribbons, the words to Louie Louie, Ice Capades, The Senior Assembly, Ward’s Cut Rate Drugs, Atlantic Mills, Pommac, the one-lane bridge, Shindig vs Hullabaloo, Cabell’s Dairy Way, Goff’s, M.E. Moses, prom photos, Kitty’s Wonderland, Uncle Tiny, The Zing Team, Ashburn’s Ice Cream, Jimmy Duck, Foremost Milk trucks, Storybook Land, Gill Elementary, The Devil’s Bowl, The Garland Road Drive In, The Rafters, The Bronco Bowl, Jimmy White’s Grocery, The Big Thicket, Variety Theater, gym suits, Jimmy Rabbitt, LouAnn’s, duck and cover drills, letter sweaters, Ports O’ Call, The Pit Club, The Wilshire Theater, Submarine Races, The Big D Jamboree, Duke Keomuka, The Lady of the Lake, Julie Benell, The Tilt-A-Whirl, Y.Y. Wickie, Big Don Norman, Elsie The Cow, Tuesday Weld and hundreds of other wonderful memories.

And a few more odd tidbits to look for: The Sally B Sweet Shoppe, "Wild Thing", The Carousel Club, "Chewed to Bits by Giant Turtles", White Rock Skating Rink, The Chessmen and the Briks, the theme to "Spin and Marty", Charline Arthur, Torture by Basketball, a 50 year old Kip's Menu, The 5 of a Kind, Icky Twerp videos, The true meaning of bicycles, The Beatles in Dallas, “Big Balls in Cowtown”, Robby The Robot, "My Dog Buddy", Vick's Cafeteria, P.C. Cobb Stadium,  Venus Fly Trap, "Weasels Ripped My Flesh", DreamAires, dodgeball, Dick Tracy’s Secret Service Patrol, The Mickey Mouse Club song, Casa Magnetica, Fabian and plastic army men.




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Growing Up In Dallas In the 50's and 60s

altThis book is a non-stop, fun, nostalgic trip back to the Dallas area in the days of the baby boomers' youth. Over 200 photos and visuals enliven the story which is told in a truly lighthearted and enjoyable "easy-read" way.

Anyone who grew up in the era and the area will find hundreds of things they remember fondly - from the local TV shows, favorite hangouts, movie theaters, dances, shopping, burger joints, roller rinks, gymnasium sock hops, schools, the Fair, music, bands, sports, concerts, local radio and TV personalities to first-hand accounts of events like The 1964 Beatles concert and sneaking into drive in theaters.

This 224 page book has been described as "A must read for baby-boomers who grew up the Dallas - Fort Worth area... " (Shari Goldstein Stern - The White Rock Lake Weekly).

"Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear..." Take a fun rollercoaster ride through Dallas back in the day!

Do you remember: The Studio Club, Icky Twerp, Mickey and Amanda, Sivil's, Kip's, KLIF vs KBOX, The Buckner Drive In, Charlie and Harrigan, Surfers A-Go-Go, The Lakewood Rats, The Lady of the Lake, The Ride-N-Laff, Six Flags, Charco's, The Prince of Hamburgers, Storybook Land, Kat's Karavan, The Big D Jamboree, or The Wilshire Theater? If not now, you will when you read "The Twerp Generation - Growing Up In Dallas In The '50s and'60s"

Currently available from Amazon and other booksellers.


“STOMP AND SHOUT: The All-Too-Real Story of Kenny and the Kasuals and the Garage Band Revolution of the Sixties”       is a ride through the rockin’ era of the mid-sixties “garage bands” – those intrepid pioneers of raw rock and roll. The story centers around the adventures of Kenny and the Kasuals, the Bryan Adams High School rock band that Rolling Stone Magazine dubbed “the Garage Kings” who are “one of the few real sixties bands left in the world.”

The book also covers in remarkable depth the entire garage band phenomenon – the bands, the recordings, the gigs, the venues, the roaring successes and the raging failures. From unknown locals playing for peanuts in the high school gym to The Beatles and Stones kicking out the jams in the stadiums, the sixties rock era is brought back to life.

The Dallas music scene of the late fifties and early sixties is also recounted in great detail, including a lengthy discography of virtually every pop and rock recording artist in North Texas at the time. If you were in a band in the Big D area back then or even just knew someone who was, it is very likely that the group gets at least a mention in this large 344 page book, if not a full description.

Over 100 photos, many never before appearing in any book, enliven the pages. Hundreds of bands are profiled and the songs and lifestyles of the times are brought to you in a fast, funny and deeply informative fashion. This is a “don’t miss” book for any fan of the sixties – whether they are from Dallas or anywhere else.

                                                   Currently available from Amazon and other booksellers.





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alt "He Said...She Said" - a new installment of the series from Beverly Kirk and Richard Parker. This one is entitled "Teen Idols".




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* Art Grindle

* The Turnpike

* Still wrong after All These Years

* Pep Rally

Marshall makes an arrest

* Mike Whitten

* KLIF - 1960

* Cell Phone - 1966

* CougarPalooza II

* 1960s Cougar Pin

* Interstate Theater Tickets

* Gaston Megaphone

*The Melody Shop

* The Cellar

* The Colony Club

* White Rock Lake

* Men In Shorts!

* KBOX - 1962

* The Prom

* WFAA Band

*Officer Friendly

* Dime Saver

* 1966 Senior Rings


* Autorama - 1966

* Junior Year Cheerleaders

* Six Flags

The Dauterives - 1955

* Bev's Birthday

Remember Art Grindle? "I Want To Sell You A Car" he would scream in his TV commercials as he would roll various clunkers past him in his parking lot. He sponsored most of the Channel 11 movies in the late 50s and early 60s. My favorite Art Grindle moment was the time in one of his live commercials when he introduced one old car, reached for the price tag on the front windshield ($149) and tore the sign in half saying "I'll cut it in half! $75 dollars buys this car tonight!" As he waved the car off to bring on the next, the car shot out a cloud of black smoke so thick you could not see Art or the next car he was selling. Still...for $75 bucks...

The DFW Turnpike

0 0 dec 1956.jpg - 230.97 Kb

0 0 ba pep rally.jpg - 295.46 Kb

Sent to us from Mike Cavendar - The football team is all fired up during this pep rally in the auditorium in 1965. (Maybe they were just tired from all the practicing.)

columiba.jpg - 628.68 Kb

Marshall Bryant wrote to tell us that this was the only time he made it into the newspaper. It is important to note that Marshall was the "Columbia Policeman" and NOT the joker who pulled the fire alarm.

00 mike whitten.jpg - 118.07 Kb

Mike Whitten

00 klif_1960-07-18_1.jpg - 45.77 Kb

0 0 sound_detector.jpg - 60.91 Kb

00 photo2.jpg - 545.35 Kb

Daryle Echols, Gwen Herrick and Allen Petty at the 2012 CougarPalooza II

0 0 cougars 60s pin.jpg - 183.19 Kb

A BA Cougar pin from the mid-sixties.

00 interstate theaters tickets.jpg - 163.06 Kb

Remember when Interstate Theaters sold discount books of tickets. The 40% savings meant a lot on date night when all you were spending were tips from carrying out groceries at Minyard's.

0 0 gaston.jpg - 55.98 Kb

A mini-megaphone from the sixties. Go Warriors!

0 melody shop northpark.jpg - 67.80 Kb

The Melody Shop at Northpark

cellar.jpg - 39.65 Kb

colony club matches.jpg - 122.16 Kb

Above: Two places to which none of us ever went. The infamous Cellar Club and a set of matchbooks from the downtown Colony Club. Instead we went to the "Junior Good Citizens Club". Didn't we?

1 pic july.jpg - 681.07 Kb

Above: Three shots of White Rock Lake in the 50's.

2012.jpg - 154.27 Kb

Men In Shorts! This 2012 golf-get together included 13 '66 Cougars and one '66 Lake Highlands ringer.

Top: Nibs Gourley, Jim Galbraith, Bubba Farley, (Ringer - Hal Boggan), Chris Frederiksen, Bruce Stensrud, Brent Hranicky, Eddie Stallings and Brent Parrott.

Lower: Sonny Buchanan, Bobby Bassett, Jimmy Hawkins, Bryan Renfro and Mark Tunstall.

kbox 62.jpg - 1.05 Mb

The Top 100 Songs of 1962

wfaa and prom.jpg - 396.74 Kb

Top: The Prom - 1966    Lower: The official WFAA Orchestra in the early '50s.

1 pix-r.jpg - 777.92 Kb

Top: Remember "Officer Friendly" (and his duck, Jimmy?) Photo courtesy Cathy Clark.

Lower: An original "dime saver" from Dallas Federal Savings and an ad for our Class Rings.

1.jpg - 802.83 Kb

Our Graduation - June 3, 1966. This photo was sent to us by Greg Stallings and you'll have to ask him why there is a big white line  down the center of the photo.

66 go go.jpg - 522.65 Kb

The 1966 Autorama was obviously a 'guy thing', so why was it held in The Women's Building at Fair Park?

cheer 65.jpg - 73.49 Kb

Our Junior Year - the '64 - '65 Cheerleaders. From our class: that's Curt Young on the left holding Mary Cathey, and that's Jackie McGaHa at the top right. ('65er Ann Tucker - bottom right - is hiding her broken left arm, which she injured when Jimmy McDowell - Class of '65 - dropped her. That's Jimmy in the middle holding another victim.)

six flags - judy whitten.jpg - 165.56 Kb

Picture of Six Flags in the mid 60's from Judy Whitten (Mike's sis).

jerry 1955.jpg - 55.85 Kb

The Dauterive Kids - circa 1955. That's first grader Jerry surrounded by sisters (l to r: Nannette, Judy and Susan.) To add to this sibling rivalry, a fourth sister, Kasey, was born the next year. Jerry: "The saddest day of my life. I had been soooo good, I knew God would reward me with a little brother. But He didn't...." (The look in Jerry's eyes is priceless!)


Birthday Party! Beverly Kirk blowing out her candles. Also seen Roger Rainwater and Orville Johnson. Can anyone identify any other partiers?






* State Fair - 66 * Gretta Spoone Band * Dallas Rocks '56 * Five of a Kind * Classmates  * ROTC * KBOX Survey - 1963 * Howdy Doody  * Casa View Merchants * The "Blech Girl" * Casa Linda Theater Clock * The Big D Jamboree * Casa Magnetica, Harry Stone * BA Principals * Miss Inez * State Fair - 1965 * The Smokestack Attack * BA Principals * Reinhardt teachers  * Den One * Casa Linda Way Back When * The Kiest Kids * Sump'n Else Ticket * Elsie The Cow  * Pig Stand Menu  *Thirty Year Reunion * The Stanley Family 1963 * Belles' Reunion * Opera Nuts  * Casa View Christian Baseball Team * The Gill Kids * Connie and Carol   * The BA Stage Band  * Curt Young - Good Citizen * Beatlemaniacs * National Junior Honor Society * 7th Grade Dance Contest  * Classic Midway  * Paula Woodruff - Classy Lassie * 7th Grade Banquet * Two Class Pics * Toon, Guy and Peden  *The BA Girl's Gym  *6th Grade Dance Winners * Official Green-Burger Recipe * The Senior Play Committee * Roy and Dale Lunchbox - 1954 * Sue Lowery - Highland Lassie * The BA Auditorium * The First Belles *Cool Hair! * More KBOX Surveys * The Casa Linda Post Office * The Rhythm Kings * The Cool and the Crazy * Rocket Science * KBOX Survey * Curt Young - 1963 * Hill Highlanders - 1962 - 1963 * B.A. From The Air * Wyatt's Food Store * Buckner at Garland Road  * DA-7-9306  * Wyatt's Cafeteria * Tops at the Hilltopper * Cheerleaders  * 8th Grade Warriors  * Hill Honchos  * Casa Linda State Bank  * Belle Parade  *Talk to the Clown - 1965  * A Guy's Guide to Fashion * 3 Rare Pictures of BA  *Karl Hoefle's Yellow Pages Covers  * White Rock Booms  *Charlie and Harrigan  * I Hated O.L. Nelms  * News Flash - 1965 * Campaign Advertising  * Wedding Announcement  * Lochwood Bank Time Capsule * Skillern's 50s * KLIF vs KBOX  * The Flip  * The Miss White Rock Pageant - 1966 * BA vs SOC (We won) * Spirit Ribbons * Mickey, Amanda, Jimmy Duck and Curt Young  * Brockles Special Dressing Recipe * The Owl and Rooster Mystery * First Day of First Grade * Not Allowed In Miss Fowler's Library.


Coming In Future Updates:

More in the series on our elementary schools - and in future updates "Records Made In Dallas",  "The Lady of the Lake", “Dallas Theaters of the 50s and 60s”, "The King of Diamonds", "The Cowboys First Season", "A History of The Belles", "The Mickey Mouse Club", and articles about the fashions, fads, music, television and movies of our youth.

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The all-too-real story of Kenny and the Kasuals and the garage band revolution of the sixties. 

An uninhibited look at the wild days and wilder nights of Texas' rock'n'roll "garage kings" from two guys who were there when it happened