Sump'n Else!

Sump'n Else!

Live everyday at 4PM from the WFAA Channel 8 remote "Studio 3" at NorthPark... "It's Sump'n Else!". You would've had to skip at least part of a school day if you wanted to be there in person, maybe as an invited guest to dance or maybe just to stare through the big glass window that allowed NorthPark shoppers to see the show in progress. (Once while being interviewed on the show, Frank Zappa looked over at the gawkers staring in through the glass wall and asked “When are they going to fill that aquarium?”)

                                                              Right: Ron Chapman, 1966


NorthPark mid-60s

The show kicked off in 1965 and was hosted by Ron Chapman, who was also "Irving Harrigan" on KLIF's popular morning show "Charlie and Harrigan".

 An ad for the show featuring one of the show's featured dancers.

These two pictures from the local "TV Channels" magazine and the TV line-up insert and ads below are courtesy of the Sump'n Else Facebook Page.

Joanie Prather, one of the Sump'n Else dancers (known as "the Little Group" shown at bottom right above and just below), went on to become Miss Teenage Dallas and then to TV series success on "Eight is Enough".


Photo courtesy Sump'n Else Facebook Page.

Top: The Sump'n Else van made promotional appearances all over town, giving away records and having impromtu dances. Hundreds of local girls auditioned but only a few dancers were hired for the show. They all became instant local stars. The original four dancers were all girls from local high schools – Delpha Teague, Joanie Prather, Kathy Forney and Calleen Anderegg (who went on to become Miss Dallas, 1966 and later sang with the Los Angeles Light Opera Company). Pointless side-note: When I first heard the dancers' names called out on the show I thought Delpha Teague's name was "Dell Fatigue". 

Lower: Entertainment was usually teenage guests dancing to records, but each show also featured a live guest star or group. On the left the local band The Chessmen entertain. On the right, national superstars Sonny and Cher are interviewed prior to lip-syncing their latest hit.


Above: Calleen Anderegg, Miss Dallas

The two clippings above courtesy Sump'n Else Facebook Page.

Some of the other local bands who appeared on the show included Kenny and the Kasuals, The Novas, Mouse and the Traps, The Briks, Kit and the Outlaws and The Five Americans. A few of the national acts on the show included The Sir Douglas Quintet, The Monkees, Herman's Hermits, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The 13th Floor Elevators, Sonny and Cher, Roy Head and the Traits, The Gentrys and Frank Zappa.

                Left: The Briks                                           Right: Kit and the Outlaws

"Sump'n Else" Trivia: Morgan Fairchild (who was then a local Hillcrest student named Patsy McClenny) tried out twice to be a Sump'n Else dancer. Ron Chapman rejected her both times.

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